What are the benefits of users of 600 small integrated copper wire granulator powder miscellaneous wires

Pubdate: 2023-04-08

The user in Qingyuan, Guangdong set up a large waste recycling station by himself, and recycled a lot of miscellaneous wires, including automobile wires, household wires, woolen wires and so on. With the recycling of waste wire resources and the development of circular economy, resource recycling and environmental protection equipment dry-type integrated copper wire granulator has become the protagonist in the industry.
The dry-type small integrated copper wire granulator is designed according to users with small processing capacity, and it can process four to five hundred kilograms of waste wires and miscellaneous wires per hour. Whether it is waste wire or ultra-fine wire, metal and plastic can be separated. The integrated copper wire granulator crushes the waste miscellaneous wires and separates copper and plastic. The price of plastic in the market is more than 2,000 yuan per ton. The price of copper metal is determined according to the purity, and its profit margin is relatively large. Because the price of small integrated copper wire granulator equipment is cheap, users do not need to invest much, so the user rate of return is quite good.
Users are the essence, and customer profitability is the key factor that determines whether a manufacturer can achieve long-term development. The manufacturer of the integrated copper wire granulator has deeply analyzed the use of the integrated copper wire granulator to dispose of waste wires and cables to make money. It is firmly believed that many users and friends are very satisfied with this special equipment. The integrated copper wire granulator is a professional equipment developed according to the characteristics of waste wires and cables. , It adopts specific gravity separation to make the utilization rate of waste wire and cable copper high. The equipment has a high degree of automation, excellent operation and good reliability, so the power supply can be used. The whole process of mechanical separation is mechanical separation, no water, no smoke emission, no dust pollution, and it is an environmentally friendly recycling equipment.

Environmentally friendly integrated copper wire granulator manufacturers mainly reflect in two aspects in terms of customer return rate. One is the user return on investment. If the return rate is obtained, the return on investment rate is the core, which is related to product quotations. High-priced products will directly increase The customer’s return on investment will be affected, so it will affect the rate of return. The green environmental protection integrated copper wire granulator equipment is a self-produced and self-sold manufacturer. The price of the same quality products is lower than that of the dealer, and the manufacturer is strong, so there is no need to worry. The problem of after-sales service; the second is the design of the workflow structure. The product itself is of high quality and low price. If the design of the production process is unreasonable, it will also affect the economic benefits of the user's later production. The environmental protection integrated copper wire granulator manufacturer has many years of experience in this line , some experts design several production processes for free according to the specific situation of the user, so as to meet the needs of customers and achieve greater benefits.